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Bill to Increase Allow Increased Bond Levels to be Heard Wednesday

The House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education is set to hear testimony next Wednesday, February 5th at 8:00 am on HJR 42, a bill allowing school districts to raise their bonded indebtedness from 15% to 25%. The committee hearing will begin bright and early in House Hearing Room 6 located in the basement of the Missouri State Capitol. 

The School Administrators Coalition supports HJR 42. 

The resolution changing Missouri's Constitution, if approved by the legislature, would be submitted to a vote of the people during the 2014 November election. If approved by Missouri voters, school districts would be allowed to submit two questions to their local taxpayers that would... 

1.) Allow the district to raise their indebtedness up to a limit of 25% of taxable tangible property. This change would require a simple majority vote. 

2.) Actually set the specified amount the district would be allowed to be indebted. This question would be consistent with the current requirements of 4/7 or 2/3 majority of their voters to approve the increase. 

Both requirements would need to be approved for the change to go into effect. 

With the committee hearing beginning at 8:00 am, it is difficult for administrators to attend.  If you would like to submit written support of HJR 42, please send your thoughts to and we will submit them to committee members at the hearing on Wednesday morning.